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Welcome Spring! This is a featured class for kids ages 4+ to celebrate the coming of Spring. The in person class follows the book reading at Jay's Local for Friday, April 19th. We are making kits available for those who cannot attend in person but want to have a Wonky Garden experience anyway!

What's included?

  • a clay flower pot already primed and ready to be painted

  • 3 flowers that are precut and also ready to be painted

  • 1 paintbrush

  • a set of paints in red, green, blue, yellow, black, and white

  • green paper filler for the pot

  • 3 sticks to attach to the back of the flowers to help them stand up straight inside the pot

  • instructions with ideas for how to decorate and paint the pot and flowers

Pick up or delivery

  • Kits will be available in person on April 19th at Jay's Local from 10:00am - 12:00pm.

  • OR by mail. All mail orders will be shipped on Saturday, April 20th. Please indicate your preference when purchasing.

Online Order Form

Place your order now for only $10. If mailing, shipping costs $5 additional.


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