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Jewelry Making Classes

If you are looking to learn the ABC's of jewelry making with beads or to try some fun themed classes, this is for you. We especially love yummy, semi-precious gemstone bling around here. Whether you make it as a gift for someone else or a me-to-me gift, our belief is that the joy of wearing jewelry is for everyone! 

Dangle Earrings.jpg

Dangle Earrings

If you like earrings that move when you move, this is the class for you! Learn earring creation basics and put it all together in a simple project. Multiple colorways and bead choices available.

Mens Necklace.jpg

Men's Necklace

This one is for the guys! Learn how to make a necklace using a mixture of semi-precious gemstones and stainless steel while learning necklace creation basics. Multiple colorways and bead choices available.

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Boho Bling Bracelet

One of our favorite jewelry making classes! Use an array of interesting boho beads, metal beads and crystals to create a single strand bracelet with a clasp. Multiple colorways to choose from.

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Hoop Earrings

Learn basic hoop construction with simple wire work, beads, and relevant tools. The possibilities are endless! Multiple colorways and bead types to choose from. 

Wooden Necklace.jpg

Exotic Pendant Necklace

In this class we will combine an assortment of semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and beads from exotic locales with a coordinating pendant of your choice. Multiple colorways to choose from.

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